Vol 18, No 1, 1997


Ashequa Irshad

America’s Changing Strategic Interests

Ashequa Irshad is an Assistant Professor , Dept. of International relations , University of Dhaka.


Mohd Khurshed Alam

Regional Maritime Cooperation Under The Auspices Of  South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation (SAARC)

Mohd Khurshed Alam, ( C) , psc, BN, is a Commodore in the Bangladesh Navy.


Rob Meecham

Increasing Trade through Indian Ocean Cooperation

Rob Meecham is Associate Director, Indian Ocean Center, Curtin University Perth, Western Australia.


Bhuian Monnoar Kabir

Internal-External  Linkage , And Continuity And Change In Indian Civil Military Relations

Bhuian Monnoar Kabir is Associate Professor , Department of Political Science , University of Chittagong, Chittagong.


Vol 18, No 2, 1997


T. A. Zearat Ali

The Changing Nature Of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations

T. A. Zearat Ali , a Group in the Bangladesh Air Force , is an M . Phil Researcher in International Relations, Dhaka University.


Abu Taher Salahuddin Ahmed

Myanmar : Politics, Economy and foreign Relations

Abu Taher Salahuddin Ahmed is a Research Fellow at the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies, Dhaka.


Abul Hasnat Monjurul Kabir

Protection And Promotion Of Human Rights And Their Enforcement Mechanism In South Asia

Abul Hasnat Monjurul Kabir, a graduate student at the Department of Law, University of Dhaka, is in charge of the “ Law & Our Rights “ page of the Daily Star, Bangladesh. This article is a revised version of a paper presented in the Fifth SAARC LAW Conference held in 27-29 December 1996 in Dhaka.


Hussein Solomon

Mobutu’s Zaire : The End Of An Era ?

Hussein Solomon is a senior Researcher in Regional Security , Institute for Security Studies , South Africa.


Sabbir Ahmed

National Debate On Consensus Building In Bangladesh : Issues And Approaches

Sabbir Ahmed is a Research Associate at the Bangladesh Institute of International & Strategic Studies , Dhaka.


Vol 18, No 3, 1997


Mustafizur Rahaman

Preferential Market Access under EU GSP Scheme  And Bangladesh’s Export sector Performance : Evidence and Emerging Issues

Mustafizur Rahaman, ph.D., is a Professor in the Department of Accounting , Faculty Of Business Studies, Dhaka University, and a Research Fellow at the Center for Policy Dialogue, Dhaka.


Shamsur Rahaman

Non- Reciprocity In Bangladesh – India Bilateral Trade : A Case for Market Access & Domestic Competitiveness

Shamsur Rahaman is a Research Fellow at BIISS , Dhaka.


Rukshana Kibria

The Modernization Of China : Its Implications For The Security  of the Asia – Pacific Region

Rukshana Kibria is Associate Professor of International Relations, University of Dhaka.


A.K.M. Abdus Sabur

Management Of Intra-Group Conflicts In ASEAN : Mechanisms And Processes

A.K.M. Abdus Sabur is a Senior Research Fellow of BIISS, Dhaka. The Paper is a revised  part of a bigger work of the author during a Ford Foundation assisted felloeship at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore during December 1996-February 1997.


Sarwan Singh

Higher Direction Of  Defence Policy : 50 Years Of India’s Experience

Sarwan Singh, ph.D. author of Limited War (!((%) , is a Research Ofiicer with the Institute for defence Studies & Analysis , New Delhi, where he specializes in South Asian defence affairs.


Vol 18, No 4, 1997


Hari Prasad Uprety

Problems Of Governance In Nepal

Hari Prasad Uprety is an Executive Member of the Center for governance and Development Studies (GDS) , Kathmandu, and a Journalist . The Paper was Presented at an International seminar on International seminar on Governance and Development : South Asia in the Twenty First Century organized by BIISS on December 21-23, 1996.


Habibur Rahaman Khan

Challenges Of Economic Liberalization ad Environmental In Small States Of South Asia : Bhutan and The Maldives

Habibur Rahaman Khan is a Research Associate at the  Bangladesh Instutute of International and Strategic Studies. Dhaka.


Altafur Rahaman

Marine Environment Protection In The EEZ

Altafur Rahaman, LL.M., is Senior Staff Of Bangladesh Legal Aid and Service Trust , and an Advocate of the Supreme Court.


Aminur Rahaman

Environmental Economics : Valuation and Green Accounting In The Context Of Bangladesh

Aminur Rahaman is Associate Professor of Economics , Independent University, Bangladesh.


Ehsan Latif

Kamal Uddin Ahmed

Carbon Dioxide Emission and Stage of economic Development : A Cross Country Analysis

Ehsan Latif and Kamal Uddin Ahmed are both Assistant Professors in the Department of Economics , University of Chittagong.