Volume 15, No 1, 1994


Shireen M mazari

South Asia : The Security Route To Cooperation

Dr. Shireen M mazari isa Visiting Professor of National defense college, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


Dhruba Kumar

Nuclear And Missile Proliferation And The Future Of  Regional In South Asia

Mr. Dhruba Kumar works with Center for Nepal and Asian Studies ( CENAS), Tribhuvan university , Kathmandu, Nepal.


R.B. Jain

Conflict and Cooperation On Environmental Issues In South Asia

Dr.R.B. Jain is Professor of Political Science, University of New Delhi, India.


Raisul Awal Mahmood

Anup Chouwdhury

Emerging Pattern Of Bangladesh's Economic Relations with Japan

The Authors are respectively senior Research Fellow, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies ( BIDS) , Dhaka , and Lecture , department of Accounting , Edward College Manager, AOTS, Dhaka for his Cooperation


Volume 15, No 2, 1994


Begum Meherunnessa Zaman

Political And economic Human rights In Post- Apartheid South Africa : Issues And challenges

Begum Meherunnessa Zaman is an Assistant Chief in the Bangladesh Planning Commission . This Paper draws upon one of the assignments of the author during her post-graduate studies at ISS, The Hague . The author wishes to thank Prof. P. waterman who commented on an earlier draft of the paper. The views expressed here are author's own and none of the above mentioned organizations or persons is responsible for any of these.


M. Abul Kashem Mozumder

Shahnaz Khan

Politics Of Designing Public Politics In The Third world : A Critical Appraisal

Dr. M. Abul Kashem Mozumder, is Associate Professor. Dept. of Govt. and politics, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka .

Dr. Shahnaz Khan is Associate Professor, Dept. of public Administration, Chittagong University Chittagong.


Narottam Gaan

Right To Environment And International Law Dimensions And Implications

Dr. Narottam Gaan is Senior Lecturer in Political Science , Kendrapara College. Orissa, India.


Kanti Bajpai

Pathways To Peace In South Asia

Kanti Bajpai is a resident Fellow, Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies, New Delhi.


Volume 15, No 3, 1994


Delwar Hossain

Combating Terrorism Without Violating Human Rights : Some Options Revisited

Delwar Hossain is a Research Associate at the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies ( BIISS ) , Dhaka. An Earlier version of the paper was presented at the Global Conference on Human Rights Terrorism, organized by the Indian Institute for Non-aligned Studies, New Delhi, 21-22 July, 1994.


Jamal Khan 

Development Planning And Management In The Oecs Countries : The Experiences of the UNDP

Jamal Khan, Ph. D. teaches in Economics at the University of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies.


Rashid Ahmad Khan

Pakistan's Relations With The Central Asian Republics : Problems And Prospects

Rashid Ahmad Khan, Ph.D. , is an associate Professor, Department of Political Science , University of the Punjab, Lahore.



The Ganges Water Sharing Issue : Diplomacy And Domestic Politics In Bangladesh

Iftekharuzzaman Ph.D., is Research Director of BIISS. This Paper was presented in the international seminar on “ Diplomacy and Domestic Policy in South Asia “, Organized by Regional Center for Strategic Studies, Colombo, Srilanka on 14-15 August , 1994.


Ghulam Quader

The Challenges Of Security And Development : A View From Bangladesh

Maj Gen Ghulam Quader is Director General of Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies ( BIISS ) . This Paper was prepared for the seminar on International Security organized by the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, 11-16 July 1994. 


Volume 15, No 4, 1994


Partha S. ghosh

Communal Hindu politics In India : foreign policy Implications

Partha S. ghosh, Ph.D. is Director, Indian Council of Social Science Research , New Delhi. The Paper was presented at the international seminar on “South Asia at the Crossroads : Conflict and Cooperation “ , organized by BIISS on 6-8 February 1994.


Sadrel Reza

Issues In Trade Cooperation In South Asia : A Bangladesh Prespective

S.A.L. Reza, Ph.D is Director General , Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies

(BI DS), Dhaka.


Abu Taher Salahuddin Ahmed

Sino-Indian Relations : Problems , Progress and Prospects

Abu Taher Salahuddin Ahmed is a Research Associate at the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies ( BIISS). Dhaka.


Ahaduzzaman M. Ali

Political Orientations Of Young Bangladeshis In Britain

Ahaduzzaman M. Ali, Ph.D. is Associate Professor , Department of Mass Communication and journalism, University Of Dhaka.