Volume 14, No 1, 1993

Shaheena  Afroze

Do Small States Behave Differently From Big States ? A Critiqe Of Maurice East’s Alternative Model

Shaheen Afroze is a Research Fellow of BIISS, Presently a Ph.D. Scholar at the University of Glasgow , Scotland, U.K.

Nasim Ahmed 

The Korean Unification : The Process , Impediments and Implications

Nasim ahmed, Research Associate , East Asia and the Pacific Desk, BIISS.

Farzana Hossein

Bhutan’s Ethnic Problem : A Case of a Fragile Ethnic Mosaic in South Asia

Farzana Hossein , Research Associate , South Asia Desk, BIISS

Abu Taher salahuddin Ahmed

Indian Naval Build Up : Justifications , Missions And Implications

Abu Taher Salahuddin Ahmed, Research Associate , West Asia and Africa Desk, BIISS.

M. Monirul Qader Mirza

Framework Convention On Climate Change And Convention On Biological Diversity : Implications For The South with Special Reference To Bangladesh

M. Monirul Qader Mirza, Research Fellow, Environmental Studies Desk , BIISS.

Farah Kabir

The Disitegration of Yugoslavia : An Assesment

Farah Kabir, Research Associate and Americas Desk, BIISS.


Volume 14, No 2, 1993


A Co-Operative Conflict : Gibraltar in a European context

Dr. A.J.R.Groom is a Professor of International Relations at Rutherford College, University of Kent at Canterbury, U.K.

M. Shah Alam

Russo-Japanese Territorial Dispute : The Historical and Legal Aspects

Dr. M. Shah Alam Associate Professor and dean, Faculty of Law, University of Chittagong, Chittagong.

M. Afsarul Qader

United Nations Peacekeeping  Operations : Evaluation Of Unprofor In bosnia – Herzegovin

M. Afsarul Qader is Director General ( UN ) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Government Of Bangladesh. The Observations and Opinions expressed in this paper are those of the author , and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the Government of Bangladesh.


Bangladesh in the Post-cold war era : Relevance of Experience of East Asian Nies

Iftekharuzzaman is Research Director of BIISS. The Author is Grateful to Prof. Ataur Rahaman of Dhaka University and Dr. Debapriya Bhattacharya of BIDS for valuable comments on the paper as was Presented at a seminar held at BIISS on 17 February 1993.

Fakhruddin Ahmed

Foreign Policy of Bangladesh : A Review of Past Two decades

Fakhruddin Ahmed held the post of Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh twice ( during 1974-1975 and 1986-1987 ). He was also Adviser for foreign Affairs to the Interium Government. 

Volume 14, No 3, 1993

M. Abul Kashem Mozumder

The Prime Minister And The Privy council Offices In Canada : A Review Of Their Role In Policy Formulation

M. Abul Kashem Mozumder, Ph.D. teaches in the Department of Government and Politics , Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka.

Mohammad Humayun Kabir

The U.S. Foreign Policy Under President Clinton : Isolation Or Globalist ?

Mohammad Humayun Kabir, is Senior Research Fellow of Bangladesh Institute of International and strategic Studies.


International Security in the Post-cold War Era : Challenges Facing the United nations

Iftekharuzzaman, Ph.D. , is Research Director of Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies.

Muhammad Shahiduzzaman

Rethinking the International Systemic Transformation

Muhammad Shahiduzzaman is Associate Professor of International Relations, University Of Dhaka.

Md. Golam Mostafa

The Crisis In Bosnia – Hercegovina and The ‘New World Order’

Md. Golam Mostafa, Research  Fellow of Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies , Presently a Ph.D. Scholar at Carleton University, Canada.

Muzaffer Ahmed

Pk. Md. Matiur Rahaman

Macro Aspects Of Poverty In SAARC countries

Muzaffer Ahmed is Professor of business Administration, University of Dhaka. He is Also a member of the Board of Governors of BIISS.

Pk. Md. Matiur Rahaman is Professor  and Director of the institute of Statistical Research and Training , university of Dhaka.

Volume 14, No 4, 1993

Shaukat Hassan

After Unced : The population Issue revisited

Shaukat Hassan is the director of Global Affairs Partners, an Ottawa-based consulting firm on international security issues.

Nasim Ahmed

Problems Of  East Asian Security in the Post-Cold War Era

Nasim Ahmed is a Research Associate of BIISS, East Asia and Pacific Desk.

Imtiaz Ahmed

Srilanka Today : Governmentality In Crisis

Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed is Assistant Professor of International relations, University of Dhaka.

Ataur Rahaman

Challenges Of Governance In Bangladesh

Dr. Ataur Rahaman, is Professor of Political Science , University of Dhaka.

Abdur Rob Khan

Contemporary International conflicts In South Asia : A Compendium

Abdur Rob Khan, Senior Research Fellow of the BanglaDESH Institute of international and strategic studies ( BIISS ) , is currently a doctoral candidate in International Relations Of Kent at Canterbury, U.K.